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VoIP Softswitch Solutions

TELESTEL VoIP Softswitch Solutions are designed to entitle service providers with an all-in-one management tool for all various IP telephony services. TELESTEL Softswitch Solutions integrate Call Routing Services, Client Management and a Reporting Platform to provide VoIP and circuitswitch Origination and Termination Services.

An TELESTEL Softswitch Solutions incorporate a softswitch, Billing server, VoIP hardware and full technical integration. TELESTEL IP-IP Billing Platform enables you to successfully manage Prepaid/Postpaid Services, Wholesale, Termination, Caller ID ANI, Callback, PC to Phone, IP Phones, other Adaptors and a Hosted Callshop in one solution.

IPsmarx Softswitch Solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Integration of all VoIP Services all in one platform
  • SIP and H323 compatible
  • Quintum and Cisco hardware support
  • Scalability and Reliability
  • Allows VoIP market rapid entry with a minimum investment


TELESTEL Voice offers you the option to use our own Global Access Calling Card Platform, allowing your customers to make VoIP calls from local access numbers in more then 100 countries to any phone worldwide. You will get to use our standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts or create your own IVR prompts with your brand name and language embedded.


  • Batch number
  • Number of PIN generated for that batch
  • Card value
  • Initial fee
  • International rate tables
  • National rate tables
  • Number of card’s valid days
  • Absolute expiration date
  • Real time Billing
  • Flexible Rating
  • Prepaid and postpaid service
  • Account management
  • Scalability, reliability and high availability
  • Statistics and monitoring
  • Web-based customer care and self-provisioning
  • Card Batch / Series
  • Batch Name
  • Batch Allocation to a specific sales point
  • Edit Batch Name
  • Card Generation Utility
  • Cards Tracking and Reporting
  • Value Reports
  • ANI Based Billing
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SIP Based Calling Card Solution Overview


TELESTEL Calling Card Solution is the only totally turnkey solution that can be designed to your exact specifications, and with our NEW Rechargeable Calling Card Add-On Module Pack selling physical calling cards is now faster than selling pinless over the internet, plus it enables customer to instantly recharge existing hard calling cards.


The IPsmarx’ Calling Card Platform is SIP Based, and takes advantage of DID technology, eliminating the need for a VoIP gateway and PSTN lines. Because this solution is fully over IP, you can increase market share, reduce time to market, and decrease operating costs. With an abundance of advanced features, IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card platform also allows you to differentiate your calling card business in the market easily.


The NEW Rechargeable Calling Card Add-On Module Pack is an important innovation in the physical prepaid calling card market. The features of this innovative solution include;


  • Auto PINless for Prepaid Calling Cards
  • SMS Notification for Low Balance, New Account Set Up, and Recharge/Add Balance
  • Option to offer $1 Free for New Customers on first use
  • Ability to Transfer Balance from a new PIN to existing account
  • E-store Integration (New Calling Card Users can now see CDR, recharge, and transfer balance on website)




Increase Your Market Share


Because TELEstel SIP Based Calling Card Platform takes advantage of DID technology, you can provide calling card services to customers worldwide (wherever DIDs are available) – and you only need one platform.


Reduce Set Up Time


With no gateway necessary in this solution, set up is quick and easy and takes as little as 10 business days. Since you do not have to order phone lines, you can have your requirements in place in as little as 48 hours.


Decrease Operating Costs


This solution eliminates the need for a gateway and physical landlines, decreasing initial investment and overhead cost. It also minimizes the space needed to store you solution – you only need 1 U of rack space for this system.


Increased Functionality and Ease of Use


There is no gateway configuration necessary in order to make changes to your dialing plan, so carrier management is hassle-free and does not require technical knowledge. TELESTEL’ SIP Based Calling Card solution also has additional optional features such as a customizable IVR so you can create your own voice messages and advertisements –all in an easy process that requires no gateway configuration.

Unlike allot VoIP Solution Providers, TELestel has always maintained an in-house R&D team that consistently delivers innovative and cutting edge VoIP software. We are not a reseller of another brand of software. All of our solutions are designed and developed in house, giving VoIP Service Providers the benefit of highly skilled technical support, customized features, and innovative solutions.